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Last updated July 2023


Pricing Structure

All new customers are automatically given Cash On Delivery (C.O.D.) payment terms.  After payment has been received for the first order, Colourific may offer credit after receiving a completed credit request form and verifying that the customer’s credit status is satisfactory. C.O.D. payment terms remain in effect until credit has been approved.

For non-standard runs, any order under $1,500 (not including other special charges such as powder charges) is subject to a $300 set up fee per colour. There is a minimum lot charge of $150 for each Purchase Order. Set up charge for AAMA2604 colours is $500. Set up charge for AAMA2605 colours is $1,500.

Colourific takes great pride in our fast and reliable turn-around times, which average 7 to 10 days.  There may be situations where even faster turn-around is required, and in these cases the order is prioritized as a rush order.  A rush fee may be applied to those rush orders that are not otherwise subject to the fee.

Hours of Operation

Regular shipping hours are Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 4:00pm (except holidays).  If these times do not meet your requirements, please call us in advance so that we can accommodate you.  All drivers arriving at Colourific should immediately report to the shipping office.  Please notify the appropriate persons in your organization.

Technical Guidelines

As part of continuing efforts to improve quality and service, this section has been prepared by Colourific's Quality Assurance Department.  These guidelines have been developed as part of Colourific’s continuous quality and process improvement program, and has been developed in consultation with Colourific's vendors and industry associations.  We understand that in certain situations compliance with all guidelines may not be possible, but adhering to the guidelines will ensure the best possible service and coating results.


All parts to be coated should arrive at Colourific well-labelled.  For example, the customer name needs to be clearly indicated on each separate package, the colour required for your product must be specified, and your Purchase Order number should be shown to avoid confusion.  Please ensure that Purchase Orders arrive with your shipment.  Purchase Orders must include a detailed description of parts to be coated (i.e. quantity, size, colour, and part numbers if applicable) and any special packaging instructions.


Please ensure that the packaging, containers, or skids you supply with your product provide proper protection against damage.  Note that material will be repackaged in the packaging containers you provide.  Packages must provide suitable protection against damage to the material as well as the coated finish.

Markers, Packaging Debris, Non-Soluble Lubricants

All materials to be coated should be free of inks, such as those from markers or other writing materials.  These inks can show through the finished coating (especially when the parts are coated in lighter colours) and therefore should be avoided.

Parts must also be free of packaging materials and shipping debris. Our paint line personnel inspect parts as they are loaded, but problems can and do occur with residual packaging materials.

Our pre-treatment system is designed to effectively remove most common oils and surface contaminants.  As an aqueous (water-based) process it will not remove heavy stripes of non-soluble oils, paraffin, entrapped oil in parts, and flaked (chipped) UV protective coatings.

Weld Spatter

All welds should be clean and the surrounding area is to be free of weld spatter whenever possible.  The heat involved can change substrate properties, and may also induce contaminants into the part surface.  These contaminants compromise the integrity of the powder coating, including bare spots and pinholes in severe cases.  We provide superior chemical pre-treatment, but it is designed to remove surface contaminants and is not a replacement for mechanical cleaning.

Oxidation and Hot-Rolled Steel

Any type of oxidation (e.g. rust, white rust) will have a negative effect on the quality of the powder coating.  Our extensive pre-treatment process cannot remove oxides or scale, and if a substrate is severely corroded the end product will have predictably less corrosion resistance and a lower quality finish.  The solution to scale and oxides is mechanical refinishing (e.g. sandblasting, soda blasting) of the base metal which is subject to additional charges.

Galvanized and Zinc Substrates

Poor quality galvanized and zinc coatings cannot be overcome even with extensive pre-treatment.  The result is inferior quality of the powder coated finish.  Due to adhesion and quality concerns, galvanized and zinc substrates must not have a passivation coating of chromate. Proper adhesion is difficult to achieve on hot dip galvanized material; ensure all galvanized material is non-passivated.

Pre-Painted Surfaces and Sandblasted Material

Materials submitted for powder coating that are pre-painted, must have the existing paint coating removed leaving a clean substrate prior to shipping to Colourific.

Any material which has been sandblasted must be powder coated within 24 - 48 hours to prevent rust or oxidation from forming.

Drainage & Contact Points

All parts which may trap water or coolant, must be drained as powder will not adhere where water or coolant is present.  The parts are hung on an overhead conveyor, and the part configuration (drain holes) must be considered as new parts are introduced.

Powder coating requires that the parts be electrically grounded, and parts should have a small hole where the hook or fixture can make contact.  In some cases, especially flat panels, where no holes are present a small bare spot from the contact point may be unavoidable.  Colourific assumes no responsibility for these bare spots.

Laser Cut Material

Laser cuts must be mechanically cleaned to remove any carbon deposits prior to delivery to Colourific. Carbon deposits prevent coating adhesion.

Bending & Forming after Powder Coating

Sheet metal product is often bent or formed at extreme angles (e.g. 90 degrees) after powder coating, which places stress on the coating and may result in coating failure (cracking, or lifting of coating due to lack of adhesion).  No warranty is offered on product that is significantly altered in shape after coating.

Aluminum extrusions are often cut-to-size following powder coating, and bent or formed into different shapes. Colourific applies powder coating to AAMA standards, and are an approved AAMA applicator. However, Colourific assumes no responsibility for coating performance when the original material is cut and/or formed into different shapes.  Special powders that provide additional tolerance to bending and forming operations are available upon request.


In an effort to ensure a quality powder coated finish on your parts, Colourific has identified the most common problems and concerns that will result in an unsatisfactory finish.

Powder coating is an attractive, durable and corrosion resistant coating.  It cannot however, overcome surface imperfections in the base metal.  Colourific accepts no responsibility or liability for poor quality substrates or for surface contaminants as described herein.

Imperfections and contaminants that are difficult to identify by our personnel can cause problems with coating quality that can only be observed after the product has been coated.  These situations are beyond the control of Colourific, and we reserve the right to recover costs in these cases.

1. Delivery

Shipping will be made in accordance with shipping instructions received from the Customer.  The acceptance of a shipment by the Customer or by any carrier specified by the Customer shall constitute a delivery to the Customer.

2. Price Increase

The price quoted, if any, is subject to increase based on any future increase in the cost of labour and/or materials and shall become effective immediately upon notice thereof being given by Colourific to the Customer.

3. Taxes

Should any government of governmental body, board or agency impose or increase any applicable sales, excise, goods and services or other taxes beyond those in effect at the date of any Work Order or Invoice, Colourific reserves the right to increase prices to the Customer by an amount sufficient to cover such additional taxes.

4. Payment Terms

Standard payment terms are 30 days from invoice date. The invoice date is the date the order is available to be shipped. If any invoiced amount is not received by the invoice due date, that amount shall accrue late fess of 1.50% of the outstanding original invoice balance for every 30 days past due (18% APR), or the maximum rate permitted by law, whichever is lower.

5. Unshipped Goods

Any unshipped balance of goods, resulting from the Customer’s refusal or inability to take delivery, remaining in the possession of Colourific fourteen (14) days after notice given to the Customer will be invoiced to the Customer on the usual terms, and the Customer shall pay to Colourific storage charges of ten (10%) percent of the invoice value per month, to be billed and paid monthly.  If delivery of any goods has not been completed within three (3) months from the notice, as stated herein, the Customer authorizes Colourific to dispose of such goods for the Customer’s account at such price and upon such terms and conditions as Colourific in its sole discretion considers appropriate, and the Customer authorizes Colourific to deduct from the sale proceeds any and all costs incurred by Colourific with respect to such disposition.  

6. Limit on Liability:

  1. Colourific shall not be liable for any loss, damage or cost of the Customer incurred as a result of non-performance or delay in performance that is due wholly or partly to fire, flood, any act of God, the Queen or Her enemies (foreign or domestic), riot, act of war (whether or not declared), terrorism, labour dispute or other cause beyond the reasonable control of Colourific.
  2. Colourific’s liability shall be limited in all cases, whether founded in contract, tort or otherwise, to the Customer’s actual direct damages, and Colourific shall not be liable for any prospective profit or for any special, indirect, punitive, exemplary, aggravated, consequential damages resulting from non-delivery, late delivery, use of, or inability of the Customer to use the Goods.  

7. Remedies of Colourific upon Customer’s Default

A) If payment on any Invoice is delayed by the Customer by more than 30 days from the date of the Invoice (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer Default”), Colourific reserves the right to exercise any or all the following remedies;

  1. stop work at any time with respect to any goods already ordered by the Customer pursuant to any Work Order, and bill the Customer for the selling price of hours and materials in process at such date, which price shall become due and payable upon the Customer Default;
  2. complete the manufacture of goods or parts in order to put the goods into a saleable condition provided that so doing, in the reasonable commercial judgment of Colourific, will not result in a material increase in the damages of Colourific;
  3. withhold delivery of any goods not yet delivered;
  4. terminate its obligation to supply further goods under any Work Order;
  5. intercept any goods then in the course of shipment from Colourific to the Customer that are in the possession of a carrier or other bailee (including any bailee from the Customer) and demand and receive the return of those goods;
  6. sell or otherwise dispose of any goods completed under clause (ii), withheld from delivery under clause (iii) or intercepted and recovered by Colourific under clause (v) for such price and upon such terms and conditions as Colourific may reasonably consider appropriate, and the Customer shall be liable to Colourific for any deficiency between the proceeds realized on that sale or disposition, and the price payable to Colourific under any outstanding Invoice;
  7. recover by action all damages arising from the Default; and
  8. seek such other remedies as may be provided by law;

B) Where uncompleted goods or parts cannot, in Colourific’s reasonable commercial judgment, be completed except by materially increasing Colourific’s damages, Colourific shall cease the manufacture of the goods and shall sell or otherwise dispose of the goods or parts of goods then on hand for scrap or salvage at such price and upon such terms and conditions as Colourific reasonably considers appropriate, and then the Customer shall be liable to Colourific for any deficiency between the amount realized through that sale or disposition and the price payable by the Customer with respect to those goods.

C) Interest at 24% per annum, calculated monthly not in advance, will be charged on all accounts overdue for more than 30 days.  Colourific reserves the right, even after partial payment on account of any invoice from Colourific, to require from the Customer satisfactory security for due performance of its obligations.  Refusal to furnish such satisfactory security will entitle Colourific upon notice to the Customer, to the remedies hereinbefore set out in sub-paragraph (i).

8. Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario.