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Our Process.

01. Quoting

We work with customers to understand their products and timelines to find the optimal finish.

02. Receiving

Upon arrival, materials are inspected for quality and quantity to ensure the job can move forward as planned.

03. Pretreatment

An engineered wash specially cleans materials to promote powder adhesion.

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04. Finishing

Powder is applied automatically and manually based on material shape and dimensions, ensuring results with consistent quality.

05. Quality

The applied finish is inspected and tested before and after curing to catch problems early and verify finish adhesion.

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06. Packaging

Materials are packaged and prepared for shipping by our experienced team based on the individual product and customer specifications.

Powder 101

Discover how powder coating works and why it the best choice for finishing metal products. More durable tha liquid. Longer lasting. Faster application. Environmentally friendly.

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What we do.

Our finishing lines are optimized to apply high performance coatings to aluminum and steel products that will stand up to years of use. Our 5-stage pre-treatment and reverse osmosis (RO) systems ensure all metals are properly prepared for excellent powder coating performance.

We have received AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605 certifications from top global powder manufacturers. The stringent certification process accredits our work to meet the top internationally recognized quality standards for finishes in the architectural aluminum industry. We offer a dual-coat option to ensure the longevity of powder coating on bare steel. An epoxy primer and polyester topcoat provide greater corrosion protection than a single coat. To save our clients’ time and money, our dual-coat system is embedded in a single line.

Product recognition is incorporated into our system, providing a programmable powder output for consistent powder coating uniformity and repeatable quality.

Tubing passing through a powder coating booth, being sprayed white.

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Industries We Serve

For over 30 years we've been serving customers from a vast array of industries and whose products end up all around the globe. We've developed an expertise in guiding customers to choose the best finish for the product, regardless of substrate or intended use.

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