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Superior Durability & Adhesion

Modern powders are designed for maximum color and gloss retention in harsh conditions, and superb scratch and corrosion resistance that matches or exceeds liquids alternatives. Powder coating outperforms liquid paint in these areas due to the unique thermal bonding that takes place while curing. Simply put, powder stands up better and lasts longer.

Colour Matching

Near limitless colours and a wide range of special effects is easily accomplished, which would be impossible to achieve with other coating processes. Custom match any color and gloss from an existing sample, or choose from thousands of available stock colours including special finishes like metallics, pearlescents, hammertones, and more.


Powders are ready to use out of the box, meaning no mixing or process variation. Powder doesn’t run, sag or drip when applied, regardless of finish thickness. Powder-coated items generally have fewer appearance differences between horizontally coated surfaces than liquid coated items. It goes on the same every time with extremely low reject rates.

Enhanced Performance

Beyond exceptional durability characteristics, powder coatings can come with a range of enhanced performance characteristics. These include finishes such as ultra-durable, antimicrobial, anti-graffiti, and extreme high temperature resistance.


Powder coating is clean, safe, and offers maximum compliance with environmental regulations and LEED certification. There are no solvents, VOCs, HAPs or heavy metals and very little overall waste. Powder overspray can be recycled, and utilization rates reach as high as 95%.

Fast Turnaround

Highly efficient coating and curing processes mean fast and reliable turnaround times that ensure the integrity of customer supply chains. Unlike liquid finishes, powder requires no drying or flash-off time meaning production lines can run more efficiently.

Trusted Suppliers

Make the transition seamlessly. Powder is produced by the same manufacturers as leading liquid finishes, including PPG, Akzo Nobel, Sherwin Williams, Axalta and more.